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DartGenie Darts Scorer


DartGenie is the ONLY darts app personally reviewed and approved by John Part, 3x World Champion of Darts! As you know, John is widely recognized as one of the sharpest minds in the world of darts.**********
Do you ever wish there was an easier way to keep score for your darts matches? Do you wish there was someone to play darts with anytime the mood strikes?! Do you wish there was an easy way to practice darts and improve your darts skills?
DartGenie grants you these wishes and much more!
It keeps score for your darts matches, i.e. an easy-to-use darts scoreboard. No more hassles writing on a chalkboard or getting ink smudges! It is almost like having your own chalker. Spend less time keeping score, and more time playing darts & having fun!
DartGenie announces (via audio) names, scores, and total left - just like the darts matches you see on TV. You’ll feel like you are at the Ally Pally or Lakeside playing in the PDC or BDO world championship!
Have fun and improve your game by playing a darts match anytime against GenieBot. It is a darts-playing bot that includes 10 levels, so you can enjoy a fun game regardless of your skill-level. GenieBot is very human-like, bots in other apps feel very robotic.
It includes a darts scoreboard for each of your matches, as well as detailed match statistics. This includes: average, first 9 average, best leg, doubles %, score table (counts for 60s, 100s, 140s and 180s), etc.
DartGenie also keeps track of your progress over time and helps you improve continuously.
Get DartGenie now!
FEATURES:- Electronic scorer or chalker to play darts vs. your friends- Play darts vs. GenieBot (darts-playing bot with 10 levels). Powerful AI (artificial intelligence) means GenieBot is very human-like- Play 101, 201, 301, 501, 601, 701, and 1001- Play legs and sets - DartGenie darts counter does the hard work of keeping track- Audio announcements (scores, names, etc.) like TV matches- Detailed stats and scorecard for all matches: Average, first 9 average, best leg, doubles %, score table (counts for 60s, 100s, 140s and 180s), etc.- Match history- Handicaps supported, so you can play a fun match vs. a friend who is at a different skill level- Checkouts suggestions (aka out shots, or outshots)
In-App Purchase:- When you download the app, you get 101/201/301 and most of the other features (audio announcements, detailed stats, etc). This will help you play and figure out whether you like the app. If you like it, you can upgrade with a small in-app purchase. Then you also get 501, 601, 701, 1001, etc - as well as even more features!- Why do we charge for it? Just like you, we also have to pay rent and buy food to eat! :) Plus, we reinvest earnings to improve the app, so charging a fee also helps us improve it continuously - whereas most free apps are unlikely to do so.
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